with Celebrity Guest Author Supermodel Winner of America`s Next Top Model & TedX Speaker



Feel your power – Naima Mora

Naima Mora, winner of America’s Next Top Model - a symbol of hope, inner-strength and the power to overcome hardships in the pursuit of realising our dreams. Naima emphasises on the importance of inspiration as a source of realising and “feeling our power”, the power to choose happiness and pursue all the desires of our hearts. “At any given moment, each of us has the infinite power to express our ultimate human potential in life, the responsibility lies with all of us to truly take advantage of each precious moment. Seeking inspiration and finding inspiration and most importantly creating inspiration because inspiration encores hope and hope encores belief. Belief in our infinite power and potential and belief encores courage, courage to act for our lives and for our happiness”, Naima Mora. TEDx Talk In the same manner, the model turned author shares her inspiring journey through her book, Model Behaviour, a well written and enchanting read that urges you to pursue your dreams against all odds.



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About IWEF

“We know that life hasn’t been easy for everyone, but we know with the right support it can be better”, IWEF founder - Nompu Mahlangu. International Women’s Empowerment Forum is a platform that empowers, motivates and enables women to unleash and “FEEL THEIR POWER” through sharing their stories. It seeks to take the lead in creating the most multicultural and diverse connection of women, who are upstanding and committed to supporting each other.


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IWEF was founded in Leeds as a catalyst for women to feel and claim their power through sharing stories of hope, healing and empowerment. IWEF spreads inspiration through speaker led events and aims to be the first ‘Multicultural Diaspora Connect’ in Leeds.


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